Going Solo With SOCOM 4

SOCOM 4 is slated to release soon, and many have already had a chance to try out the multiplayer in the currently running beta. A full solo campaign is also in the works though, and a new video shows us what to expect.

SOCOM 4 is intended to be a “thinking man’s” game, by encouraging tactical action within combat scenarios, rather than the run and gun style that has become so prevalent in the video game industry. While the beta trial has shown us a few ways this will work in multiplayer, very little of the single player component has been shown in comparison. However, a new developer diary shows us how issuing commands to AI team mates will play a vital role while facing smart enemy AI, and also what we can expect regarding characters and setting of the game.

Zipper Interactive is well known for bringing great multiplayer gameplay with their releases, but it’s nice to see that they don’t intend to let the single player campaign fall to the wayside as a result. It always makes for a great way to get used to the tools at your disposal, as well as controls, before getting your butt handed to you online. However, just having a lame shooting gallery gets boring very fast, so hopefully Zipper Interactive follows through with their claims of providing clever AI that truly changes the dynamics of battle as you play. SOCOM 4 is slated to release in the US on April 19th, in Mainland Europe on April 20th, in Australia and New Zealand on April 21st, and in the UK on April 22nd. Are you excited to play through SOCOM 4‘s campaign, or will you just hop right into the multiplayer?