DLC in the Works for Uncharted 2


Lead designer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Neil Druckmann has confirmed that there will be downloadable content for the game.

When asked of the possibility on DLC for the game, Druckmann responded with, “We will be supporting DLC”. Unfortunately, nothing more was said. Druckmann was also asked about locations of Uncharted 2, specifically forest areas. “Yes, you will see lush areas, you’ll see all kinds of different areas as you go through the adventure, much more than in Uncharted 1.”


He also talked about the game’s co-op mode, which will include modified versions of Uncharted 2’s levels. He also described a “Battle Manager”, which is designed to the experience fresh in each playthrough. The last thing we’ll mention is the discussion about the game’s partners.

When talked to if the game will have more then one sidekick, Neil Druckmann said, “For single player, we’ve only shown that Drake teams up with Chloe. As for who Drake teams up with for the rest of Uncharted 2, we’re going to hold our cards to our chest for now.”

More information on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will be posted as it hits. Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle!