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Wipeout HD Receives Phantom Update

May 10, 2009Written by Draisey

wipeout-hd-phantom-updateEarlier today, Studio Liverpool issued a phantom update to their popular PSN racing game, [shal]Wipeout HD[/shal].

This update brings the game up to 1.40 status, but leaves no mention of why the patch was implemented or what improvements it brings to the game.  Thankfully, Paul Tweedle from [shal]Studio Liverpool[/shal] has the official word on this update:

“It fixes the annoying stutter during online races, which I’m sure will please you all. We have had the fix internally for a while now but every patch has to go through a lengthy QA process which I’m sure you can understand. Thanks for your patience and for playing, see you online.”

Massive props to Studio Liverpool for getting this patch out.