Dante’s Inferno Has “No Lead Platform”

May 12, 2009Written by Kyle P.

In a recent interview, the developers behind Dante’s Inferno talk about the production of the game, as well as the possible limitations that arise with multiplatform development.

In a recent interview, Dante’s Inferno producer Jonathan Knight talked about how Visceral is developing the game simultaneously for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

“We’re developing for Xbox 360, PSP and PS3 simultaneously, and the two consoles versions should have parity with each other. We don’t have a lead platform, per se.”

Furthermore, he talks about the technology and the specific technical niches both consoles bring to the table, such as the PS3’s Blu-Ray drive.

“[Visceral’s] in pretty good shape as regards to that. We’ve shipped a number of titles simultaneously on the major consoles platforms as well as handhelds and Wii and so forth, but just specifically talking about PS3 and Xbox, our tech is pretty well suited to shipping simultaneously.

Obviously, you’ve got differences with the [terms and conditions] and the different rules and menus and stuff that you have to follow… but generally every day I get a build of both versions and both work equally well every day. It’s not really a problem for us.”

Dante’s Inferno is scheduled for release next year, and will be available on PSP, PS3, and Xbox 360.