SingStar: Behind the Tech Curtain

May 15, 2009Written by Draisey

Though rightfully labeled as a karaoke game, few people actually know how sophisticated [shal]Singstar[/shal] really is, particularly the PS3 iteration. And even fewer know that SingStar relies on confidential audio filter technology, courtesy of one of Dublin’s brightest minds.

The team at [shal]London Studio[/shal] works in conjunction with [shal]Sony[/shal] Creative Software, who develops custom VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug-ins for SCS’s audio editing program, Sound Forge. These plug-ins are also used by the SingStar team, and specially optimized to run on the [shal]Cell processor[/shal]’s [shal]SPU[/shal]s.

The voice channel is also carefully monitored and adjusted, ensuring that the players’ voices are well balanced against the background music. All live vocals are processed with a high pass filter, wave hammer compressor, and Sound Forge reverb set.

Dr. Dan Barry of the Dublin Institute of Technology even has a helping hand (albeit, unknowingly) as his ADRes technology is used within the game to isolate individual instruments from songs. Most of the information on ADRes is confidential, but at least it serves a fun purpose.