Sony Giving Away MORE Home Freebies

May 15, 2009Written by Richard Allen


If you haven’t made good on Sony’s offer for a free Chamber Apartment, you should hop into Home and get it while the getting is good!  The Chamber Apartment will only be available until may 21st. If you thought that was the only freebie Sony was dishing out for Home, then you are not very observant.

Interestingly enough, the same video where they remind you to download the Chamber Apartment for free contains a download code for some head wear for you Home avatars.

[viddler id=86b73c3b&w=685&h=439]

About 0:25 In

If you missed it the code is: MC56-BXBC-349K that unlocks a Koi Hat for your male avatar and a Shark Hat for your female avatar. Hey don’t say we never gave you anything!





[Source] Thanks Erik!