Guitar Hero 5 Bringing Ultimate Setups to Your Living Room

May 16, 2009Written by Draisey

Guitar Hero, much like [shal]Rock Band[/shal] now, allows up to four band mates to play together. The standard setup includes a singer, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. But there was no real way to have two drummers, three bassists, or four singers. [shal]Neversoft[/shal], however, is determined to change all that with [shal]Guitar Hero 5[/shal].

Not content with simply following in Rock Band’s footsteps, Guitar Hero 5 (which should really just be called Band Hero) will allow players to create any instrument setup they like, adding some much needed freedom to the multiplayer sessions. There’s also a new addition to the series called RockFest, which includes five competitive modes that can be played both online and offline.

Neversoft is also eliminating the progression system, which means the entire song list is playable the second you pop in the disc. And better yet, all DLC from Guitar Hero: World Tour will be playable in Guitar Hero 5. Definitely a smart move that will win praise from fans of the series.