PlayStation LifeStyle GameNight 05/16/09

May 16, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The staff at PlayStation LifeStyleare proud to reintroduce our PlayStation LifeStyle GameNight feature. PSLS GN will have play a new game every week to two weeks, and you’ll be able to play with staff and other readers of the community.

To celebrate PlayStation LifeStyle GameNight, we’ll be playing one of the PS3’s greatest shooters, Killzone 2. So, jump on [shal]Killzone 2[/shal] at 9:30pm EST tonight, and search for the lobby, PSLS. The lobby will be password protected, and the password is, pslsk2gn. We will be playing with all the original Killzone 2 maps, but players can join us a bit later for some Steel & Titanium madness. See you tonight!

PlayStation LifeStyle GameNight will be a continuous feature on PlayStation LifeStyle. So be sure to look out for it!