PS3 Slim, Original PS3 Size Comparison [Update]

May 16, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


First, there was our article about a redesigned PS3 being revealed at E3.  Shortly thereafter images were leaked on LevelUp of what appears to be a PS3 slim.  Since then every gaming site on the ‘net has ran some type of an article, either debunking it, or explaining why they think it’s real. I stand by my initial assertion that it (the SlimPS3) is indeed real.  We are not verifying these photos at all.

Anyone who has seen the leaked images of the PS3 Slim has surely wondered how the size compares to the original PS3.  A new image has surfaced thanks to NeoGAF member RanoNL.  The pic shows an original PS3 standing vertically, and along side it what appears to be a PS3 Slim standing vertically.

While we aren’t sure of the validity or the origin of the image, it clearly shows that the PS3 Slim (if that is the same PS3 Slim as the leaked pics) is significantly smaller than the original PS3.  Taking a closer look at the image, it doesn’t appear as though it has the ‘PS3’ logo on the bottom, so there is a chance this isn’t the same PS3 Slim case as the one shown in the leaked pics (which again we believe is real).

For now all we can do is speculate until Tuesday, June 2 at 11AM when the SCEA E3 Press Conference (which we will be live-blogging as it happens) starts, and the PS3 Slim is finally revealed.


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[Update] It’s starting to look as though this photo is of a knock-off called “FunStation 3” and not the true PS3 Slim.