The Last Guy to Recieve Last Minute Content and Trophies

May 16, 2009Written by Dan Massi


The Last Guy fans, rejoice! It was confirmed that The Last Guy, the quirky PSN title that hit August 28th of last year, will be coming to retail on May 28th 2009.

The retail version will be packed with content, including all 19 stages from the download version, three new stages, three promotional movies, and a 500 yen coupon for the PlayStation Store. The retail version will be priced at 3,480 yen.

But, what will happen to the players who have already downloaded The Last Guy? Not to worry, as Sony has your back. Those who have the downloaded version will be able to download the extra stages for 500 yen, titled the Bonus Stage Pack. This will release the day the retail version hits stores.

And finally, for you trophy hunters, Sony will be releasing a free patch which will include trophy support. The retail version will already include this.