PS3 Software Sales Spike Nearly 80 Percent

May 18, 2009Written by Draisey


The [shal]PS3[/shal] has been impressing videogame publishers with its strong software sales performance, and [shal]Sony[/shal]’s recent financial report has an import clue as to exactly why. When compared to 2007, PS3 software sales jumped an astonishing 80%.

That’s 103.7 million PS3 games sold, a significant bump compared to the previous figure of 57.9 million PS3 games sold in 2007. However, [shal]PS2[/shal] and [shal]PSP[/shal] software sales dropped. Despite a great year in terms of hardware sales, PSP software sales dropped 9.4% to just 50.3 million (i.e. one game per handheld). PS2 sales experienced a 46% drop to just 83.5 million units.

The PS2’s drop in performance is expected as gamers transition to the PS3, but the PSP’s software performance is a bit worrisome, and may hint as to why Sony is considering new distribution methods.