Avalanche Studios Wipes 20 From Its Workforce

May 20, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras


Avalanche Studios, developers of upcoming multiplatform game Just Cause 2, has announced that they have given roughly 20 employees three month’s notice that they will be laid off. Yet despite the large layoff (this would be roughly a fifth of their supposed workforce), Just Cause 2 is still on track to be released sometime in Q3 2009.

CEO Christofer Sundberg had this to say with regards to the planned layoffs:

“It is a difficult business climate, but this is not nearly on the scale of the redundancies last year…As any other company we need to manage risks and sometimes that unfortunately means that we have to give notice and lay off staff. It’s not more complicated than that.”

The “redundancies last year” he is referring to is last October, when 77 staff members were laid off. Publisher Eidos has also confirmed that Just Cause 2 will continue development. The company is also continuing work on “The Hunter,” a free-to-play PC game, and a third untitled game which already has secured a publisher.