Web Portal In the Works for LBP

May 21, 2009Written by Dan Massi


During an interview at the Nordic Game Conference, Alex Evans announced that a web-based portal would be coming soon to the PlayStation 3 hit, LittleBigPlanet.

Evans also revealed that the portal would allow players to advertise their levels, instead of going on forums and telling people to search for them. This will allow you to queue levels up, so the next time you fire up the game these levels will automatically begin to download.

The web-based portal will provide players with their level’s unique URL, so you can share it with friends, or people on the web. “Rather than going on forums and saying, ‘Please search for my level,’ you can just say, ‘Here’s a link.'”, Evans explained.


The service, including leaderboards, photos, and comments, will also feature an application programming interface (or, API), which can be used to create LBP applications. It’ll also be used to create Google Map-like pages that shows locations of specific levels. Evans explains that the service is being beta tested now, and will be launched as “soon as possible”.

Also in the works for LittleBigPlanet is the ability to test out new features before they become available to the general public. Unfortunately, you’ll have to sign up to get into these sorts of betas, with giveaways being likely on PlayStation-related sites, specifically the PlayStation Blog. Though, Evans clarified that it will start off as a much smaller, feedback-focused process.