Trophy Guide – Skate 2

skate-2-image-001 Skate 2 has 47 trophies to collect.

(1 Platinum, 2 Gold, 9 Silver, 35 Bronze)

Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Platinum Trophy

-Unlock all other trophies in the game.

On Top Of The world (Bronze): Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode.

-The highest top is in SV Peak.  When you follow the story line for the Street contests.  You get a contest called ‘ Mountain Mayhem’.  The QP you have to invert on is at the first spot of the challenge.

Skater Evolved (Bronze): Get off you board in career mode.

-Get off your board by pressing (Triangle).

I Like To Move It (Bronze): Move your first object in career mode.

-Get off your board by pressing (Triangle) and move an object by pressing (R1).

That’s the Way (Bronze): Beat all of Danny Way’s film challenges.

-Win all of Danny Way’s challenges in the bonus events.  There are 5 of them.

GVR Champ (bronze): Win the GVR Contest.

-Story related.  Available after you complete all of the ‘Street Contest’ events.

Big Air Champ (Bronze):Win the San Van-a-Slamma.

-Story related. Available after you complete all of the ‘Tranny Contest’ events.

Still Alive? (Bronze):Win a Death Race in career mode.

-Win one Death Race.

Race Hero (Bronze):  Win all races in career mode.

-Win all of the available races in the career mode.  There are 11 of them.

Where’s my TV show? (Bronze):Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges.

-Complete all Rob Dyrdek challenges in bonus events.  There are 5 of them.

SBM Cover (Silver): Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag.

-Story related.  Complete all skateboard mag photo shoots.

Thrasher Cover (Silver): Get the cover of Thrasher.

-Story related.  Complete all Thrasher events.  Thrasher events are available after you find the 3 pools.

Meet Slappy (Bronze):Meet Slappy.

-You will get this during the tutorial.

How you like them apples? (Silver): Acquire all phone numbers for the pros.

-Beat all pros at there challenges and then you get their phone numbers to invite them to a game of skate.

Anyone Else? (Silver):Beat all the pros a Throw down challenges.

-After you get all the phone numbers of the pros you can call them to invite them to a game of skate.  Just beat all of them once.  Tip: Do the throw down challenges at the Boneyard.  It’s an easy place to pull of nollie/fakie triple heels and/or nollie/fakie quad heels.

New San Van Hero (Bronze): Call Mikey 10 times.

-After you get Milkey’s phone number.  When you pass a ledge/rail with skate-stopper on it an icon of a phone will appear in the upper left corner.  Go to Contacts>Services>call Milkey to remove the skate-stopper.  You can see how many times you have called Milkey in the career menu.

Perfectionist (Gold): Complete all paths in career mode.

-Story related.  Complete all events.  (Except Pro Challenges, Throw downs and Own-the-Spots)

Pull the Plug (Bronze): Drain every pool and fountain in career mode.

-You get Sammy’s phone number after you complete the first Thrasher challenge.  Whenever you pass a pool or fountain that isn’t drained yet an icon of a phone will appear in the upper left corner.  Go to Contacts>Services>call Sammy to drain the pool/fountain.  There are 9 pools to drain.  You can check your progress in the career menu.  Here is a map of all the pools:

  Skate 2 pools

Real Estate Mogul (Bronze): Purchase all property in career mode.

-There are 2 places you can purchase property.  The 1st is $50,000 and the 2nd is $200,000.  You can make a lot of money by betting on death races.  You can get up to $40,000 in one race.

Spare Parts (Silver): All Hall OF Meat paths complete.

-Complete all Hall of Meat paths.  Pause the game and go to challenge map to see you progress.  There are 4 challenges to start with.  Every time you complete a challenge a new one will appear.

Fully sponsored (Bronze):Obtain all sponsorships.

-Story related. Each time you complete a specific series of events (Thrasher events for example) you get to choose a sponsor. (Shoes, Skateboards, Trucks and Wheels)

Urban Legend Too (Silver): Own all spots in career mode.

-Own all spots in career mode.  There are 22 of them.  Here is a map:

Skate 2 own

The Architect (Bronze): Upload a created spot.

-While in game press (Select) and choose ‘ Create-a-Spot Editor’.  Here you can choose the size of the spot.  Then set a high score and upload it to the web.

The Critic (Bronze): Rate 10 community videos and photos.

-Go to the online community page and rate 10 videos or photos.

Pwn some nOObs (Bronze): Win an online ranked match.

-Win 1 online ranked match.

Active Skater (Silver):Successfully complete all online free-skate activities with your created skater.

-Complete all 110 Free-skate activities in the online free-skate.

Online Legend (Gold): Achieve Legend Rank Online.

-Get exp points to get medals in the online ranked matches.  To achieve legend rank you will need to get 5 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold medals with 5000XP.  I recommend Spot Battle for easy gold medals.

Online Pro (Silver): Achieve Pro Rank Online.

-Get exp points to get medals in the online ranked matches.  To achieve pro rank you will need to get 3 bronze and1 silver medals.  I recommend Spot Battle, Hall of Meat and Death Race to rank up faster.  100XP is required for each bronze medal and 500XP is required for each silver medal.

Amateur Skater (Bronze): Achieve Amateur Rank Online.

-Get 1 bronze medal in an online event.  100XP is required to get a bronze metal.

Graphically Extreme (Bronze): Add a custom graphic to your skater.

-Go to the EA website and login to your EA account you use for the game.  Go to Create-a-Custom andmake your design.  Then send it to the game.  Once back in the game choose a blank board, shirt or hat.  Then add your custom design.

Dethrowned (Bronze): Download and own a community-created spot.

-Search in the Create-a-Spot browser for a spot.  Download it and then beat the top score to own the spot.

Skater’s Choice (Bronze): Win the Skater’s choice award in an online ranked match.

-Recieve the best rank in Ranked online play.  (Thumbs up next to your name)

Juggling Chainsaws (Bronze): Wipe out at high speed in career mode.

-On the mountain where you do the death race, just race down the mountain until you get top speed and your board starts to wobble.  The bail.

Skitched Up (Bronze): Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode.

-Skitch 3000ft after a car.  Position yourself after a car and grab it with (R1).  You can see how long and how far you have skitched in the career menu.

Make it big! (Bronze): Use Big Black’s service 10 times in Career Mode.

-Call Big Black’s service 10 times.  To keep the annoying police and security guys off your back.  You can see how many times you have called Big Black in the career menu.

Running Man (Bronze): Escape a chase off board in career mode.

-Go skate in a place with alot of security guards piss one off and run away.  Keep running as fast as you can.  They are faster than you so you will need a good plan.  (Try skating away until you are out of reach and then start running.)

DIY (Bronze): Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode.

-Just move objects with (R1) for 30 minutes.  You can check your progress in the career menu. (You can just hold (R1) on the same object for 30 minutes if you want to.)

Good Samaritan (Bronze): Knock down a security gaurd chasing another skater in career mode.

-This is usually random.  You might just have to walk around until you come across a skater being chased by a security gaurd.  Knock down the security guard and you will get the trophy.

Need for Speed (Bronze): Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode.

-This is easiest on the hills where you do the death races.  Normally when your board starts to wobble your’re at speed.  Maintain that ‘wobble’ for 5 seconds without hitting a car.  (If you bail at this point you will get the Juggling Chainsaws trophy).

Sandbag (Bronze):Break at least 15 bones in a single wipe out in career mode.

-Keep bailing until you break 15 bones.  Choose a high place on the map and jump down.  Make sure you hit some obstacles on the way down.  After a few tries you will eventually get it.

Gender Bender (Bronze): Change your skater’s gender.

-Change the gender in the menu for customizing your character.

Grasshopper (Bronze): Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode.

-When you unlock the “Top of the E” spawn point through the Hall of Meat path use it to drop in.  Make sure you air through the electricity pylon when you drop.  If you land the big air you will get the trophy.

Stairmaster (Bronze): Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode.

-Trick over any of the stair sets in the area where ‘The Statue’ own spot is.

Uninsurable (Bronze): Break 100 bones in career mode.

-Keep bailing and doing ‘Hall of Meat’s and you will get it before you know it.

Playing Nice Together (Bronze): Complete your first online free-skate activity with your created skater.

-In ‘Online Freeskate’ complete one of the set Free-skate activities.

Cooperation is key (Bronze): Complete 50 online free-skate activities with your created skater.

-In ‘Online Freeskate’ complete 50 of the set Free-skate activities.

[Hidden] Highlight below to view.

Taste The Mongo (Silver): Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode.

-A mongo push is when you push your front foot forward to move on you board.  You will get this automatically while playing through career mode.