New PS3 SKU Could Hit Shelves Soon

May 27, 2009Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Coming a week after E3?

Coming a week after E3?

Sony has repeatedly denied any existence of a price drop for our beloved PlayStation 3. But if the latest leaked snap of a Best Buy inventory/merchandise listing is to be believed, at the very least we may have a new bundle out a week after E3.

Sony has a history, like many console makers, of releasing new bundles or even new models of their various hardware offerings during or just after E3. So what could this signify? Will we see the above bundle alongside a bare-bones $299 system? What will come with this $399 one?

It may be a bit too soon to bundle it with inFamous, but how about Killzone 2 + another AAA title? An extra controller? All of the above?! Only time will tell, and it is reasonable to think that we will hear just what this new SKU is going to contain during Sony’s press conference next Tuesday.

So until then, speculate away and let us know what you think this package could contain! As always, as soon as news is released expect to read it here.