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Atari Gives Phil Harrison The Boot

May 31, 2009Written by Draisey


One surprising move begets another. [shal]Atari[/shal] made headlines last year when it managed to snatch [shal]Phil Harrison[/shal] from the ranks of [shal]Sony Computer Entertainment[/shal] to take over as president of the struggling company. And it’s making headlines with a new announcement. He’s no longer [shal]president[/shal] of Atari.

This is the official word from Atari:

“Because of a shift of business operations to the US, Phil Harrison will move from the role of President to that of non-executive Director of the Group. As all Board members, he will continue to assist, support and guide the Company’s strategy.”

To get pushed out of an executive position is a big deal, and there’s no tangible reason for Atari’s decision. As far as we can tell, the company has improved a lot since Phil joined its ranks. His successor has not been decided as of yet, and we can only hope that he finds success in other ventures.