Kojima Not Directing MGS Rising, only Peace Walker


Metal Gear Solid fans felt an explosion of extreme fandom as Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker were both announced at this year’s E3. Both titles will be coming to PlayStation platforms, one being on PS3 (Rising), and the other being on PSP (Peace Walker).

Though many would believe that Metal Gear Solid: Rising as the true Metal Gear Solid 5, that just isn’t the case. Famitsu recently interviewed Hideo Kojima, who revealed that he will be fully involved in the PSP title, Peace Walker. He will serve as the game’s director, producer, and game designer. Kojima calls Peace Walker the “Metal Gear Solid 5 inside me.”

Along to Rising now, Kojima said that he will not be involved as much as he is with Peace Walker. He told this to Famitsu Magazine:

“I’m not the director. I’m not doing game design either. Although, I do issue complaints (laughs). But, not too much.”

Although he doesn’t have much of an importance in Rising as he does in Peace Walker, Kojima still describes Rising as the “next generation Metal Gear Solid 5.”

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for more information on both of these new Metal Gear titles.