Assassin’s Creed 2 Will Leave You Wanting More


According to Assassin’s Creed II creative director, Patrice Désilets, Assassin’s Creed II ending will in fact be a cliffhanger. He also hints at a twist at the end of the game.

“I’m telling you. At the end of AC2 you’ll say‚ ‘Holy crap, I never saw it coming.'”

Désilets also had this to say.

“There will be a cliffhanger. It’s cool to have a cliffhanger.”

The creative director of Assassin’s Creed II also goes on to explain that players need that frustration at the end of the game. He also says that there will be a new way to replay completed missions.

Désilets finishes by addressing the “writing” at the end of the original Assassin’s Creed.

“It has nothing to do with Assassin’s Creed II, what’s written on the wall has to do with the Assassin’s Creed universe, not the second one.”