E3 Hands On – NCAA Football 2010


NCAA Football was recently on the floor of E3 for many gamers to have some hands on time with. The game is due out in July so it is in it’s final stages of development. The game itself looks a whole lot more polished than previous installments. Everything looks revamped, and it just is a smoother experience for gamers in general.

Last year was a great release for NCAA Football, and this one looks to surpass even that. The TeamBuilder aspect alone should drive some sales of the title. For years gamers have been asking for this, and finally EA Sports is delivering on it. With TeamBuilder, the player can essentially create an entire team from scratch, and control every aspect of it. From the stadium to even a custom logo. The site is already live to begin creating your teams, and yes I’ve already began work on the official PSLS team.


Another big feature is the Sportsmanship feature. The game gives or takes points from the user based upon their actions within the game. So if it’s 4th down and you are going for it, rather than punting the points will be taken from you. This applies to both to online and offline modes. So for those who like to quit and disconnect on their fellow gamers because they are losing, you’re guaranteed to lose 50% of your points next  time you quit during a match.

Overall the game looks to be solid, and definitely worthy of a purchase from what I’ve seen at E3, especially for fans of the series. So be sure to check out NCAA Football 2010 when it hits store shelves on July 14th. Below is Live footage of the title from the E3 floor.