SCE Boss Talks Project Trico Leak


As you may well know, PlayStation LifeStyle leaked the first trailer of [shal]Project Trico[/shal], now officially known as [shal]The Last Guardian[/shal], a few weeks before E3. The third game from the creator of Ico and [shal]Shadow of the Colossus[/shal], The Last Guardian had been developed under a shroud of secrecy for many years, and no one was more surprised about the leak than [shal]Shuhei Yoshida[/shal], president of Sony WorldWide Studios.

This is what he had to say:

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. Maybe there’s a reason the person who leaked it waited until just before E3. But the reason we didn’t show early footage was because the team wanted to feel comfortable that the vision they created could be delivered.

So everything we showed here was from the game engine, and they’ve got to the point where they know they can make this game and can see how it’ll be completed.”

The newest trailer for The Last Guardian can be viewed below.