The Last Guardian – Everything You Need to Know

Between them, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, held up as two of the most influential titles in the PlayStation pantheon, allowed Team Ico to carve out a legacy during the PS2 era, one defined by minimalist design, cracking characters and emotional storytelling.

Though there are those who would argue that neither has aged terribly well — and that’s even when factoring in Bluepoint’s HD remaster — Ico and Shadow of the Colossus had a tremendous impact on the industry, and are so often cited in the great ‘video games are art’ debacle. Whatever your stance on that one, Team Ico’s brace holds a special place among the hearts of gamers, which made it all the more disheartening that the developer lay dormant for the entire PS3 generation. That was never the intention, of course; Game Director Fumito Ueda has reflected on those much-touted development woes with a heavy heart.

Much like Final Fantasy XV before it, it didn’t take long before The Last Guardian became completely swamped in conflicting reports and allegations of internal turmoil — pigeonholed to within an inch of its life, essentially. Team Ico’s new IP has lived to tell the tale, thank the heavens, and in anticipation of its release, we’ve scoured the four corners of the Internet to compile Everything You Need to Know about The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian takes flight on Tuesday, December 6.

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