Tecmo Has Kind Words for the PS3


With [shal]Itagaki[/shal] out of the picture, [shal]Tecmo[/shal] has been able to make amends with PS3 owners. And this was more than apparent with their E3 showing of [shal]Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2[/shal] and PS3-exclusive, [shal]Quantum[/shal].

Gaming Union was able to catch up with the producer at Team Tachyon, Kohei Shibata, who runs the internal development studio at Tecmo. And this is the answer he gave when asked why Quantum was being developed as a PlayStation 3 [shal]exclusive[/shal] rather than going the typical multiplatform route:

“Simply, it’s the most powerful hardware.”

Third party developers have recently become more outspoken about the advantages that PS3 development gives them, and even Electronic Arts, who is known for being very platform agnostic, were more than willing to spill the beans on which platform offers them the development freedom they need. We can’t wait to see the results, and make sure to check out the trailer of Quantum below.