Sucker Punch Believes in Game Quality Over Sales Quantity

infamous-review-image-004Brian Flemming from Sucker Punch, the developer of the Sly Cooper series and inFamous, explained his team’s reasoning for making inFamous exclusively for the PlayStation 3.The co-founder of Sucker Punch studios revealed that inFamous was developed exclusively for PS3 simply for the sake of focusing on creating a fun game, rather than going multiplatform and reaching a larger install-base.

“…doing cross-platform, while you would reach more people, it also introduces a whole bunch of problems and compromises and difficulty that doesn’t make making games a lot more fun. In fact, I think it subtracts from that.”

Funny thing for a developer to say after releasing their best selling new exclusive IP. This ideology certainly appears to be a growing trend among developers for developing exclusive titles, an example being Valve choosing to stay exclusive to the 360 and PC.

Another reason for being published by Sony that Flemming pointed out was SCEA’s unwavering support for their developers:

“…we’re 60 people competing with games being made by teams two and three times that – and we’ve been working with these guys at Sony, especially the product development team, for so long [that it benefits us].”

It’s great that certain developers look at the impact of the game when choosing the platform of the title rather than looking at a financial benefit for going multiplatform, or even keeping certain aspects exclusive to a single platform–thus limiting the game’s quality on the other platform.