Comet Crash Lands Awesome New Features

Comet Crash

The 1.01 patch is bringing some awesome new features to Comet Crash, a [shal]PSN[/shal] title that was released back in April. The real-time strategy game managed to score fairly high amongst reviewers, but developer [shal]Pelfast[/shal] has been hard at work to make the game even better.

Amongst the list of improvements is the much coveted [shal]Youtube recording[/shal] feature, also seen in [shal]PixelJunk Eden[/shal]. This feature allows players to record the onscreen action, and either save to their PS3 hard drive or instantly upload their videos to Youtube for the whole world to see. Here’s the full list of improvements the patch is bringing:

  • Video Record – record gameplay videos to the hard drive or upload directly to YouTube™.
  • Flag icons added to scoreboard. If you have an existing score, you have to get a better score in order to register your flag.
  • Save Data for Campaign progress.
  • Campaign time penalties are now applied as they occur, instead of at the end of the game.
  • Rank is displayed in Area Complete screen.
  • Building on top of units of the same team will destroy them instead of floating them.
  • In Battle mode, the player that destroys an enemy base gets a Thorium bonus.

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