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Play With Your PSP Go When It’s Closed


So by now you’ve seen all the footage out there regarding the PSP Go. You’ve seen the hot sliding action, and have probably wondered what you can do with the system when it’s in its closed position. Well the detailed answer to that question is right below.

A Sony representative has let loose some info stating that players can continue to use the PSP Go when it is in its closed state. While no official games that use solely the L and R buttons have been announced, when they are released “users will be able to play those games with the PSP Go in closed mode.”

“Users will be able to access content and applications on the XMB such as videos, music and Skype when the panel is closed — but users will need to launch the application first before closing the panel.”

Anybody here thinking about special versions of Loco Roco and Patapon? Or perhaps something even better – imagine if you could hook up the Go to your TV via Component cables, pair up a DualShock 3 controller via Bluetooth, and proceed to play your PSP games on a TV with your wireless controller!