SCEE Boss Claims Motion Control is “Stunningly Accurate”


Announced at this years E3, the PS3 motion controller, pictured above, is looking to wow users with its incredible accuracy. And Andrew House, CEO of SCEE, is enthusiastic about his company’s new peripheral.

“What we had at the E3 showing was very forward facing , a firm date for launch which is important as it gives us a good lead time to assemble the right sorts of content to take advantage of it. And we demonstrated a very tangible sense of how this will translate into gaming experiences. And those are three critical things.

“The final point I would make is that it’s stunningly accurate in terms of the way it tracks movement. That sounds like an incremental step in terms of motion technology, but it’s a huge one in terms of saying ‘now it’s arrived’ and it’s really going to change the way we think about how we play games.”

Even with its dead-on accuracy, the merit of motion controllers is still being heavily debated, especially by gamers. How do you guys feel about the new PS3 motion controller? Would you rather stick with the Dualshock 3, or are you willing to test out this new tech? Let us know in the comment section below.