Final Metal Gear Announcement Revealed


It’s Friday, and that means that final Konami announcement regarding Metal Gear Solid 4 has been revealed. We’ve seen many additional features being added to Metal Gear Online, so can we expect a Metal Gear Solid 4 announcement? Will MGS4 finally be getting trophies?

The answer? No.

Konami announced today that a new Metal Gear Online tournament will be taking place June 23rd, 2009. Here are the steps on how to get in.

1) Log into MGO with the character you wish to enter into the Tournament (starting June 23rd) – but hurry, only a limited number of players can participate

2) Go to Lobby Select and choose Tournament Registration

3) On the Lobby Screen select one of the 4 tournament lobbies to register (i.e. US TOURNEY 1, US TOURNEY 2, etc.)

4) Select either Join Team (pick a team off the list to join), Create Team and Submit Entry (set up the team name and password), or Solo Entry (assigned to a random team)

The tournament will be only to players who own the SCENE expansion pack for Metal Gear Online. Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for all the details on this new tournament as they arrive.