PS3 Slim Rumored to Make an Appearance at Tokyo Game Show


Many expected two hardware redesigns to be revealed at E3: the PSP Go, and the PS3 Slim. While the PSP Go was officially announced, the PS3 Slim was nowhere to be found. But now, we may finally see when Sony is expected to show it off.

In the latest issue of PlayStation World, the magazine confirms the PS3 Slim’s existence, and that it will be revealed in September, during the Tokyo Game Show.

“The PS3 Slim Packaging looks almost identical to the confirmed PSP Go, so it isn’t a fake. Expect the smaller, lighter PS3 to be announced at the Tokyo Games Show in September, just in time for Xmas.”

Remember that this should be classified as a rumor.

The Tokyo Game Show will be held this year from September 24th to the 27th, in Chiba, Japan. We’ve got high hopes for this hardware, especially since it should force an apology from Activision’s Bobby Kotik.