PS3 Firmware 3.0 Details Possibly Leaked, Compared to NXE


The newest firmware update, 2.80, was just released a few days ago on the PlayStation Network. Be that as it may, rumors are already flying about the upcoming update, Firmware 3.0

According to VG247, Firmware Update 3.0 will be “a completely new system” for the [shal]PlayStation 3[/shal]. The update is set to release before Christmas, with a ton of new features. It’s been described as “a huge overhaul”, and compared to the New Xbox Experience “in some respects”.

First, the rumored reputation system will make its debut on the [shal]PS3[/shal]. This will be similar to the [shal]Xbox 360[/shal]’s reputation system, according to this statement:

“A reputation system in which users will be able to evaluate each other will be provided for… game applications. There will be a new API available to so the user can… allow users and also obtain users’ reputation.”

A “grief reporting system” will also be added in the update, apparently similar to LittleBigPlanet’s system, in which you can take a screen of an offensive player (likely to also include text input). You will then be able to submit it directly to Sony.

A new feature which all users will enjoy, is the ability to download patches in the background. Simultaneous HDMI and digital optical outputting will also be included in the 3.0 upgrade.

So far, this is classified as a rumor, so we’ll have to see how much of this turns out to be true. According to the source, a lot more has yet to be revealed. So stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle as we give you all the details on this exciting new update.