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PSN-Style Service To Expand to Other Platforms


In a recently disclosed Sony internal report, a PSN style service could unroll onto TV’s and other electronic hardware, sometime early next year. Robert Wiesenthatl, the head of strategy for Sony’s entertainment business, said the following to CNNmoney.

“TV is where we have to win. We can no longer afford to only offer great TVs. Otherwise, we set the stage for someone to become the Google of the TV.”

The report indicates that sharing content between Sony TV’s, cameras and video devices will be easier to manage. Discounts and premium services would be limited to loyal customers. Kaz Hirai, the new president of Networked Products and Services, stated the following.

“It’s now a matter of what all the services need to look like for each device, and coming up with a roll-out plan. It’s like city planning here, and we can start small. We don’t need to build New York City overnight.”

Initial speculation believes Sony might do a soft-launch of the service in Spring of next year, and gradually update the service.