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EA Denies Death of Spielberg Project


In a recent interview, Jason Rohrer, a consultant game designer, claimed that EA and Steven Spielberg’s project titled LMNO had been “pretty much cancelled.” The rumors of LMNO’s demise started circulating late last year, culminating with reports of the LMNO staff becoming redundant. However, EA has been quick to respond to lay the smackdown on Rohrer’s comments.

“The rumour is incorrect. EA remains deeply committed to its collaboration with Steven Spielberg and projects we are developing together.

LMNO was a code name for a project in development at EALA. While the project continues to develop at EALA with Steven, we no longer refer to it as LMNO. We have no further details to reveal at this time.”

As you may know, famed filmmaker Steven Spielberg signed a deal with EA in 2005 such that Spielberg would be able to create three different titles, two of which have come into the public spotlight so far. The first title, codenamed PQRS, turned out to be the excellent puzzle game for the Nintendo Wii known as Boom Blox. Boom Blox has gone on to recieve a sequel, but no word yet on what LMNO (or the other unnanounced title) are at the moment.

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