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Obscure: The Aftermath has a Vagina Monster!


Before the title gets explained, and yes it is true, the game actually has that particular type of monster. Obscure: The Aftermath is also one of the titles that is being published by [shal]PlayLogic[/shal], and recently had its embargo lifted. The developer behind this upcoming PSP game is Hydravision, who was also the developer of the first Obscure title as well.


The game picks up where the first left off, but now the survivors are enrolled in college at Fallcreek University. The characters are trying to find out the origins of the “black flowers” that have been popping up around university, and causing “vivid dreams”.

Overall Obscure: The Aftermath is survivor horror meets some comedy…at times. My experience with the title reminded me a crossbreed between Resident Evil and The Faculty. The player has a total of 6 characters to choose from to complete different tasks at hand. Certain characters are needed to accomplish specific tasks, so the choices are important. The player must know the strengths and weaknesses of each character in order to fully exploit each level. Based upon your choice of characters, you will hear different sets of dialogue between those characters.


There is a co-op option that has been optimized for the PSP. The second player can come in at any time via Ad-Hoc mode. The soundtrack in the title is done by the Boston String Quartet and Paris Opera Children’s Choir. It had a very eerie feel to it, and can literally send shivers up your spine at times. This soundtrack can be accessed just for listening via a jukebox feature within the options.

The game not only features many monsters, but also many weapons to fight the monsters with. There are 22 weapons total for the characters to utilize. The monsters themselves are based upon various phobias. Yes, that includes the Vagina Monster. At least, that is what they were calling it during the demonstration. Hope none of you have that phobia.


The game is targeting a September 2009 release, and will also be available for the PSP Go. Included below is the official boxart from the game.