Valve Waiting to Build Up Talented PS3 Team


Although Valve has stated that the PS3 cell architecture is too difficult to develop for, Valve’s own Doug Lombardi has stated that the company is still “up on the idea” of developing on PS3.

Valve has said many times before that the PlayStation 3 is much too difficult to develop for, and that’s the reason why we haven’t seen many Valve games grace the system. We did The Orange Box in December of 2008, although it was ported by EA.

Now it seems Valve has changed tune, as Doug Lombardi has said:

“If you look at The Orange Box — PC: 96 on Metacritic, 360: 96 on Metacritic, PS3 like… 84 or something. That’s not even close to where we are right now with the 360 and PC and the reason is people.”

He continued on with this:

“We have to get people under our roof who are dedicated, talented PS3 guys and then all bets are off. We can take the same sort of strides and get the quality out of the box and offer the same support post-launch on that platform, as well.”

It seems now that PS3 games coming from Valve is more of a “when”, rather then an “if”. What titles from Valve would you like to see on PS3? Post your comments below!