Sony’s Motion Control Tech to Utilize Everyday Objects

Those familiar with major motion pictures may have at one time or another seen how actors and objects get scanned and converted into [shal]3D objects[/shal]. Well it looks like Sony is planning to take that concept one step further, and empower [shal]PS3 owners[/shal] who already own the [shal]PS Eye[/shal] camera to turn everyday objects into something more.

The new patent filing shown below shows a Sony [shal]motion controller[/shal] system that maps everyday objects, such as “coffee mugs, drinking glasses, books, bottles, etc.”, into motion controllers. It’s a revolutionary concept that would not only reduce costs for the end user, but manufacturing costs on Sony’s end as well. It’s pretty much the lowest-risk business model anyone in the game industry could ask for.

The “U” shaped object shown in the drawings is a stand-in for what kind of objects players would be able to utilize, and how the PS Eye, in conjunction with software, could turn an object into a Bat or a Sword. The player first shows the object to the camera, and rotates it so the camera can map it into a 3D representation. How accurate the system will be in comparison to the official PS3 Motion Controller has yet to be seen, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any fun mini games to play around with.

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for more information on Sony’s new motion controller technology.