Ratchet & Clank Pre-Order Bonuses Not So Exclusive After All


Insomniac Game’s announced several pre-order bonus items for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time last week. However, the developer revealed that you do not have to pre-order the title to receive the DLC bonuses.

Gamers who were to pre-order the game for the bonuses, you’ll be able to get these via the PlayStation Store, as they’ll be available for free DLC. The other bonuses were addressed as well, with James Stevenson, the Community Relations Manager of Insomniac Games, leaving a message on the PlayStation Blog:

“Many of the items (like the Bolt Basher and Box Magnetizer) will be available through the course of the game as you play. And just like the Grim and Malikov pre-order skins we eventually released to the community for free, I’m confident that if you are crazy and want ALL of the content, you’ll eventually get it.”

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