Konami Says Goodbye to Online ID’s


Say goodbye to Konami’s much-despised online ID system. Beginning with Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 the system is no more, and online gamers are free to play to their heart’s content.

Much publicized in the Metal Gear Online debacle, the Konami ID system required every user to individually sign up with Konami, and create a user ID that would work for all Konami games. The system was designed to work around PSN’s guidelines, allowing Konami free reign over their games.

In principle, it seemed like a good idea. However, especially with the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online, the registration site was bombarded with users and reports arose that it took several days for some users to complete their registration.

We all at PlayStation LifeStyle are happy that their horrific online system is being abolished, and hopefully so are you.