PS3 Review – Red Faction: Guerrilla


The missions in the game are another example of where the game shines. Many missions are scattered across the landscape of Mars, each in their own group. Some missions will have you rescuing workers that have been kidnapped and imprisoned. Others require manning the turrent of a moving vehicle as you blow through EDF property. The best side missions involve raiding EDF property, in which small battles over the building take place. The Red Faction has to kill the set number of EDF soldiers, which allows them to set the charges and destroy the property.

The main missions in the game are easily the best, with a lot of variety to be had. One mission tasked me with rescuing workers as the EDF attacked the town of Dust with artillery guns, and on top of that I had to retrieve information from the computers. Final missions feature some epic battles between the EDF and the Guerrillas, such as the liberation of Dust (as talked about above). However, you’ll need to first complete main missions and side missions the EDF’s morality level is dropped to zero. This then unlocks the final mission to take over that section of mars.


Despite the great action, the setting of Mars itself proves to be sort of bland. But to their credit, the developers did try and add some visual variety into the mix. Though the same terrain is recycled throughout the entire game, different elements were added to create some distinction between the environments. The first sector in the game, Parker, has the most Mars-like feel to it, Dust gets this sort of bluish-gray tint as you enter, and Oasis seems more of a light gray color. There’s even hints of different social classes, with one sector having taxis, expensive cars, and much larger homes. It’s a neat touch that only serves to make the game world that much more believable.

Multiplayer is a blast to play, simply because the game uses the GeoMod 2.0 for the same destructive gameplay you saw in the single-player mode. The same weapons are used in multiplayer mode, though some weapons are exclusive to multiplayer only. There are 7 modes in multiplayer, Anarchy (your typical deathmatch), Team Anarchy (team deathmatch), Capture the Flag, Damage Control (in which two teams are battling control over three targets), Siege (involves attacking and defending targets), Demolition (where you defend a player), and Spectator (allows you to watch a multiplayer match). Each mode can hold up to 16 players, and the overall experience is similar to Call of Duty 4 since you gain experience points as you play. By leveling up, you can unlock other playlists and open up more options for your customizable badge.

Overall, Red Faction: Guerrilla is a fantastic game. Though it does have a few flaws, such as the monotonous setting and occasionally bothersome enemy A.I., this game still deserves a perfect score. The single-player and multiplayer modes overall are awesome, with great side missions and modes to choose from, and the physics-based action has to be seen to be believed. Red Faction: Guerrilla is loads of fun, and Volition Inc. has delivered yet again.

PlayStation LifeStyle’s Final Score

Incredible physics destruction.

Huge number of multiplayer modes.

Large mission variety and addictive gameplay.

8 out of 10