PS3 Slim Found in Phillipines Shop


Yes, merely the title alone makes you believe that this is obviously fake. A new PlayStation 3 Slim, found in an underground Phillipines market? Sounds incredibly dodgy, but wait till you see this. A video was filmed in the shop, and it shows the man checking out this console.


As you can see from the video, this “PS3 Slim” is very similar to past photos that were taken. Information on the system was obtained, and here are the details:

– This PS3 Slim contains a 120GB HDD.

– It has two USB ports.

– The touch sensitive buttons are gone, and now seem to be replaced by regular buttons.

– The PS icon is white, instead of its usual colors.

– No card reader.

– PLAYSTATION 3 logo is gone, and instead is replaced with just PS3.

– The man selling it included it with a Dualshock 3 controller. Whether or not it was compatible is unknown.

– It was being sold for 20, 000 pesos. This can be converted to £250, or $410.

Of course, this could be fake. As of now, it could be simply a new Polystation knockoff found in the Phillipines, so we’ll categorize this under “Rumor”. The PS3 Slim was originally going to be announced at E3 2009, but rumors have now suggested that it will make its long awaited appearance at the Tokyo Game Show in Japan.

Remember, PlayStation LifeStyle brought you the news first of the PlayStation 3 Slim, and stay tuned for all the incoming news on this new hardware iteration.