Bioshock 2’s Release in a Sea of Confusion [Update]


The CEO of Take-Two, Ben Feder, known for such franchises as Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, stated that his company will be delaying the highly anticipated Bioshock 2.

“The decision to shift a release date is never an easy one, especially with a product as highly anticipated as BioShock 2. We felt that it was essential to invest the additional time to ensure that this title will deliver what its fans expect and deserve.

As a result, we will now be launching sequels to several of our strongest franchises – including BioShock 2, Mafia II, Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption – during the next fiscal year. These titles will anchor our lineup for fiscal 2010, and along with other products planned for next year, provide a platform for enhanced financial performance in what we hope will be an improved retail environment.”

Bioshock 2’s release date should have already been in question when a reported fourth developer began working on the project.

No specifics were given, however the company is having a conference call at this moment, and hopefully more details regarding the time window will be released shortly.


According to a tweet from Geoff Keighley, players can expect Bioshock 2 to hit stores shelves within the first half of 2010.