Sucker Punch Seeks AAA Talent for Next Game


[shal]inFAMOUS[/shal] was only released two months ago, and already the team at [shal]Sucker Punch[/shal] is hard at work on their next title. New job listings have surfaced on the Sucker Punch website, with gamers already guessing on what the new title is going to be. Here is what Sucker Punch is currently looking for:

  • A ‘Lead Character Artist’, a requirement of which is to be “aware of current urban style and street fashion”.
  • An ‘Art Director’ to improve the aesthetic quality of future games.
  • A ‘Lead Animator’ to take the character performances to “the next level of depth, believability and impact”
  • A ‘Network Programmer’ to implement an “on-line component for our forthcoming AAA title”.

What could this new title be? Begin the guessing, now!