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MGS: Peace Walker is 100% MGS5-Class Game


Metal Gear Solid: Rising seems to be taking the story in a slightly different direction by expanding on Raiden‘s story. While we are all scratching our heads at what exactly “Lightning Bolt Action” means, Kojima was recently quoted that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker continues the true Metal Gear Solid saga.

This game certainly turned some heads at E3 and completely took everyone by surprise.  The last we heard of Metal Gear Solid on PSP was supposed to be a sequel to Metal Gear: Portalble Ops. From Kojima’s own admission during Konami‘s E3 Press Conference, Peace Maker is the “true sequel”.

“This game is an MGS5-class game. I am supervising, designing, producing, directing, and editing this title together with the MGS4 team, therefore in that sense, ‘METAL GEAR SOLID’ has not ended, and the ‘METAL GEAR SAGA’ continues.”

– Hideo Kojima, Kojma Productions [Via]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is due sometime in 2010.