PSLS Game Night – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chimera


Calling all Resistance 2 fans come on out tomorrow (7/24) for a game night with the staff from your favorite website. We will be hosting an online party for Resistance 2. It will start around 7pm est (4pm pacific) with no set end time, so those of you on the West coast do not fear.

Depending on how many participants we get, we will probably be doing competitive, but if we get close to 16 or more we can always split up into smaller groups so we can play some co-op.

We will stick to the maps that came with the game as well since a lot of us do not have the DLC.

All that are interested add me to your PSN (wolfehound22) and simply write R2 Game Night in the subject. Hope to see you all out there since our game nights are always a blast.