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PSN Cards Provide No Profit for Retail Stores


Profitability for retail outlets was an issue brought up when the digital distribution-exclusive PSPgo was announced. Because retailers made no profit from the PSPgo media, in regions such as Europe where PSN cards were unavailable,  brick-and-mortar shops claimed the PSPgo would suffer.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to Japanese retailer Games Maya, “[They] don’t see a single profit,” because “That [PSN] card becomes a voucher”. In other words, since consumers are actually getting $20 on the PlayStation Network, they’re only paying $20 at the shop–which is the same amount the store pays for each card they sell. On the other hand, Microsoft and Nintendo give room for retailers to profit because of their credit system rather than using real currency.

Despite Sony Computer Entertainment America’s Eric Lempel claiming that retailers are “embracing” the PSPgo, American retailers have yet to comment SCE”s practice of digital distribution.