You Can No Longer Buy PlayStation Cards With Amazon Gift Cards

You Can No Longer Buy PlayStation Cards With Amazon Gift Cards

As we head into the prime shopping and holiday season of 2023, folks will want to be mindful of Amazon‘s recent change in policy regarding the purchase of PlayStation cards with its own gift cards. The online giant was one of the last retailers to allow users to purchase gift cards with its own gift vouchers, but around a month ago, that changed.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gift cards were some of the most widely purchased products via Amazon cards

Amazon instituted a change in its policy around the same time GameStop did in November, but it seems to have largely flown under the radar. A couple of threads popped up on gaming forums, but as of this morning, quite a few folks on sites like ResetEra seem to be just discovering the change.

This is a widely adopted policy to prevent money laundering and other misuse of gift cards, but users understandably aren’t happy about it. “Unfortunately, legitimate customers get affected by the rules,” bemoaned one Redditor. “I just got $120 from my job and decided to select an Amazon card as a gift because I’ve been doing this for years, and suddenly I just can’t,” wrote another. With Amazon gift cards being one of the top choices of gifts for birthdays and Christmas, others expressed similar concerns.

Unfortunate, indeed, but generic Visa cards are a good alternative.