Kaz Hirai to Give Tokyo Game Show Keynote


It was just announced that Kaz Hirai, Chairman and current CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, will be giving a keynote at this year’s Tokyo Game Show event. The keynote will be given on the first day of the event at 10:30am and is titled “New Tactics for 2009”. After the keynote, there will also be a panel discussion with several executives from companies such as Sony and Square Enix. Both the keynote and discussion will be focused on strategies to incorporate into the gaming business environment.

The Tokyo Game Show is among the largest gaming conventions of the year, and will be hosted in Chiba, Japan from September 24 to September 27. As with E3, all of the biggest gaming companies gather at TGS to show off new technology and games. Also, huge announcements are common during TGS and this year should be no different. Be sure to check back at PlayStationLifeStyle.net for Tokyo Game Show news as well as highlights from Kaz Hirai’s upcoming keynote.