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Chrono Trigger Announcement Disappoints the Fans


Hey, can you take a seat for a moment? I have some bads news. You know that Chrono Trigger announcement everyone was exciting about? Well, get prepared to be majorly disappointed.

Many gamers were caught in a massive swirl of hype after an artist by the name of Stephanie Laberis teased a Chrono Trigger announcement for August 11th. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait that long, as she’s revealed the announcement earlier than expected.

However, this announcement is bound to disappoint many. But in her defense, it wasn’t supposed to be a big deal in the first place. You can read Stephanie Laberis’ full reveal below:

So! As it turns out I can go public with it now, not on the 11th (which was the original release date). The piece is for a poster that will be available with the 1,000 copies of…

CHRONOTORIOUS – the new CD by The Bad Dudes

My friend Mustin of The OneUps put together this album with the help of some of the best game remixers out there (DiggiDis, po!, Mazedude, Alisean to name a few!) and also features the artwork of myself, the ridiculously talented Brianne Drouhard and many more.

And here is the official description of the CD:

“15 delicious Chrono Trigger tracks have been arranged for you. But only if you buy the CD album. When the CD is gone, it’s gone forever, along with 5 of the tracks. There will be an iTunes/AmazonMP3 release, but it will only feature 10 tracks and won’t include the poster, and you’ll find yourself scouring eBay for a legit copy.”

Disappointed? Excited? Super Disappointed? Post your thoughts below!