Hope is Still Alive for Yakuza 3 Release

August 2, 2009Written by Dan Massi


It was only four days ago, that gamers started freaking out over a release date of “never” for Yakuza 3. According to The Examiner, a friend working at SEGA said the title was never coming stateside. It looks like that information was false.

The website has since run an update for that article, stating that the statements that were made were not official Sega statements. Here is the full update:

“To clarify: It was earlier reported that Sega has no plans to release Yakuza 3 stateside. By viewing upcoming release list, Sega still hasn’t made any mention of an upcoming release or revealed plans to release it stateside. However, the statements made earlier are not official Sega statements. Based on Yakuza 2 sales figures, it’s his personal opinion that the game will not sell if it sees release stateside.”

Stay with PSLS to see any possible release news on Yakuza 3.