Yakuza 3 Chops Down Release Hopes


Yakuza is an immensely popular series. In Japan that is. Unfortunately, the series has not picked up in North America at all since the release of the first Yakuza in 2006. SEGA is definitely aware of that, and has revealed a release date for Yakuza 3.

The release date? Never. According to The Examiner, the title will not hit NA shores, and instead stay in Japan. The reason why SEGA will not bring Yakuza 3 is the simple fact that they’re convinced it will not sell. And in their defense, the Yakuza series hasn’t sold well in North America on the PS2.

With the recent announcement of Yakuza 4, you can expect that title to skip out on a North American release as well. Make sure to stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all your news on the Yakuza series, including release dates, screenshots, and more.