Yakuza 4 Bringing Famous Actors to the Digital Realm


SEGA has released the first details for Yakuza 4…wait a minute, Yakuza 3 isn’t even out in North America, or any other continent besides Japan.  Well that isn’t going to stop them from making a sequel.  The game’s title is Ryu ga Gotoku 4: Densetsu wo Tsugu Mono or, as we say in English, Yakuza 4: Heir to the Legend.  And like Yakuza 3, this title is Exclusive to the ]PlayStation 3.

Similar to previous Yakuza entries, Yakuza 4 will take place in modern day Japan.  The game will focus on the Tokyo district of Kamiyocho.  The game will have 2 lead characters.  The first will be a detective by the name of Masayoshi Tanimura, while the second will be a Yakuza member by the name of Takeshi Kido.  The developers will be relying on the latest 3D modeling and motion capture technology for Yakuza 4.  These technologies will allow Narimiya and Kiritani to appear as 3D characters within the game.

Narimiya and Kiritani are two famous Japanese actors who will be lending their voice talents for the main characters.  Narimiya is so popular that he even has his own official hair style, which has become all the rage for Japanese teens. Although there is no release date or localization information as of yet, you can look forward to Tokyo Game Show 2009, where Yakuza 4 will most likely be shown in some form.  As always, make sure to stick with PlayStation LifeStyle for all the latest news on your favorite console.