Quantic Dream Fortify Sony’s Downpour of Exclusives


Quantic Dream shocked the world with one of the most unique and ingenious video games of recent years, Heavy Rain. Heavy Rain was met with warm reception as well as surprisingly solid sales, and as a result PlayStation owners have been hoping for another title from Quantic Dream. Thankfully, it looks like not only is another title in the works, but it is more than likely PlayStation 3 exclusive.

by Jonathan Leack
June 25th, 2010

Need For Speed Nabs Porsche Exclusive

Porsche. One of the few car manufacturers remaining who have not succumbed to the leveraging power the all-mighty Gran Turismo franchise has to offer. Even with Gran Turismo 5 boasting over 1,000 cars, die-hard fans have cited the lack of the prestigious high-end luxury car manufacturer. According to a recent tweet by the official Criterion Games twitter feed, that may never become a reality.

by Kyle P.
June 17th, 2010
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